The Comair / British Airways – Pick a destination and spread your wings and fly !!!

Our route network for both and British Airways include flights to centrally located airports within South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

This allows customers the option to travel to the main business and leisure destinations within southern Africa.

An aviation company founded in 1946, Comair Limited is managed and owned by South Africans through its listing on the JSE.

We’ve been operating successfully within southern Africa for more than six decades with an internationally recognized safety record. Since 1996, we have been operating local

and regional services within southern African under the British Airways livery as part of our licence agreement with British Airways Plc and launched South Africa’s first low-fare airline, in 2001.

This adventurous brand has since inception revolutionised air travel in South Africa by making flying easier and more affordable to customers.

In 1996, Comair joined British Airways as a franchise partner and became known as British Airways Comair, taking on the colours and livery of British Airways International. The British Airways brand brought with it a rich heritage of stylish travel, reputation for service excellence and a wide range of products such as the prestigious Executive Club frequent flyer programme.

As franchise partner of British Airways and a member of the oneworld® alliance, Comair offers seamless connections to the international route network and continues to serve local premium customers with the same standards in mind.

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Fly with Kulula Airlines where travelling is as easy as a Sunday breeze

Welcome on board this kulula Airlines flight to Durban. Please pay attention to the safety announcement, because you will be writing a test shortly.” Kulula humour has been the unofficial trademark of South Africa’s first low cost airline since launching operations in 2001.

The name kulula is derived from the Zulu word for ‘easily’ and this is exactly how the airline operates. kulula wants you to feel like travelling is as easy as a Sunday breeze. I guess if you’re one of the top 10 airlines in Africa, and your staff is voted top 10 for airline staff in Africa 2016, making travel easy is no big feat.

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As a no frills, no fuss budget airline in South Africa, kulula Air aims to provide a hassle free experience for customers from check in, to their tongue-in-cheek inflight services and safety demonstrations. No matter which way you look at it, kulula Airlines really is a fun way to fly.

Why fly with kulula?

** Kulula believe their humour to be their trademark and which has in fact set them apart from the rest their fellow low-cost carriers.
** The only way to travel is with a smile. Take a look at kulula’s “seven tips to making friends on a plane”… Its Good vibes all the way!
** There is no reason to be separated from your loved ones when travelling with kulula when you can select A ‘Pre-Paid Seat’ when booking online from as little as R55.

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Getting to know FlySafair

FlySafair – SA’s oldest newest airline. Founded by Safair, considered to be Africa’s best known air logistics and specialised air services company, FlySafair was born from a company that already has almost 50 years of experience in aviation.

Their inaugural commercial domestic flights commenced on 16th October 2014 on the following route: Cape Town – Johannesburg (ORIA) – Cape Town; followed by Cape Town-Port Elizabeth– Cape Town on 30th October 2014; Cape Town-George– Cape Town on 13th November 2014; Johannesburg-George-Johannesburg and Johannesburg-Port Elizabeth-Johannesburg on 3rd December 2014. Watch this space for more routes to follow!

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Why fly with FlySafair?
* Winner of the ACSA Best Airline – Domestic Services Feather Award in December 2015
* Nominated for an award for best African low cost airline in 2015s Business
* Africa Awards 2015

Offers priority boarding for its passengers as a premium add-on service

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Getting to know Mango Airlines, the Domestic Flight Airline

When someone in South Africa says they’re ‘flying Mango’ you could be forgiven for thinking they’re hurtling through the air on some kind of supernatural tropical fruit. Mango Airlines is one of South Africa’s leading low cost carriers and the budget arm of national carrier, South African Airways.

With its instantly recognizable orange colours, Mango Airlines first took to the skies in 2006 and continues to offer affordable flights to all major domestic hubs in South Africa. The Mango Airlines mission is simple: make domestic flying more accessible and fun for travellers within South Africa through cheap flight prices and great service.

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Stay connected while travelling with Mango by purchasing G-connect prepaid top up. With a prepaid top up, you can access either 3G, Wi-Fi, ADSL or In-Flight Wi-Fi.
Have a breather by taking advantage of Mango’s on-board entertainment for your kids. Keep your kids entertained from take-off to landing. Simply purchase and unwind.
You definitely want to be travelling with the airline that has been voted Africa’s favourite low-cost airline by travel agents

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VICTORIA INN LONDON – Near Victoria Station

Welcome to the best of the bed and breakfast hotels near Victoria Station in Central London, the Victoria Inn London. This hotel provides you with everything that you are looking for in a great hotel in the best area of London at the prices you will be very happy with. You get a high quality hotel with the clean, comfortable rooms and caring staff that you need while staying at a hotel that puts you within easy distance of all of the best tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping and entertainment that you can find in the city.

There are few things more important than location when you are traveling for leisure or business in London and the location in Central London make the Victoria Inn London the ideal place to stay. You will find many of the top attractions right near the hotel, such as Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the Tate Gallery, the London Eye and much more. This allows you to easily get to all of the best tourist sites in minutes so you can see everything you want to see. For those traveling for business purposes, the Central London location keeps you close to many of the major business areas of the city such as the Passport Office.

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Great Shopping and Dining

London is well-known as one of the top cities in the world when it comes to great shopping and dining. Staying at the Victoria Inn London places you in the perfect spot in Victoria in Central London so you are close to all of the action. The hotel is right near the famous Harrods, Sloan Square and Oxford Street, where some of the best shops and designers in the world can be found so you can get everything you are looking for.

Public Transportation

Using the public transport (tube and bus) system in London is key to being able to get around the city. The Victoria Inn London makes it easy for you thanks to its central location, placing you within easy reach of Victoria Station in Central London so you can get to the train or the bus to take you where you need to go, whether it is Belgravia London, the airports, Harry Potter museum or anywhere else in the city today.

Comfort, Quality and Affordability

When it comes to any hotel you stay at today, you want the best accommodation you can get at a price that is good value for money. The Victoria Inn London gives you just that, with the cheap accommodation in Central London that you want most while giving you a room that provides quality and comfort. You will get all of the amenities you need the most, including a flat-screen television, en-suite bathroom facilities, tea and coffee making facilities in your room and the comfortable bedding to help you relax. Additionally, each guest receives a complimentary breakfast each morning of your stay if booked direct with us.

The Victoria inn London takes great pride in offering the best combination of comfortable accommodation along with the best price you can find in the area. Whether you are traveling for leisure or for business reasons, take the time to look over the website to see all the hotel has to offer along with any discount or seasonal special offer to help you with even greater savings. You can also make use of the handy online reservation system to securely book your room or call the hotel directly and speak to a representative.

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